Friday, April 8, 2011

Setlist 4/8/11

The Business- Drinkin and Drivin
Subhumans- Mickey Mouse Is Dead
Husker Du- Broken Home Broken Heart
Adam and the Ants- Beat My Guest
The Middle Class- Out of Vogue
Adolescents- Amoeba
Vice Squad- Teenage Rampage

Stiff Little Fingers-Alternative Ulster
Aggression- Intense Energy
Dead Kennedys- Take This Job And Shove It
DOA- The Prisoner
TSOL- Silent Scream
Youth Brigade- Sink With California
Decendents- Suburban Home

Scared Straight- Fight Back
The Damned- Neat Neat Neat
Black Flag- In My Head
The Cramps-The Crusher
Operation Ivy- Room Without Window
The Specials- A Message To You Rudy

Screeching Weasel- My Right
The Restraints- A Bit Much
MDC- Pay To Come Along
Bad Brains- Dont Bother Me
7 Seconds- You Lose
The Clash-Safe European Home
Dead Boys- Catholic Boy
The Vibrators- Stiff Little Fingers

The Replacements- I Hate Music
Los Reactors- Dead In The Suburbs
The Misfits- Ghouls Night Out
Gang Green- Haunted House
Anti-Heros- National Debt
Fear- New Yorks Alright If You Like Saxophone

Cock Sparrer-Runnin Riot
Riot Squad- Ten Years Time
MC5-Kick Out The Jams
45 Grave- Party Time
The Rezillos- Destination Venus
Leatherface- In the Real World
American Steal-Lacthkey Kid

Friday, April 1, 2011


Johnny Thunders- One Track Mind
TSOL- 80 Times
Bad Religion- Were only Gonna Die
Lockjaw- Cut Up
Oppressed- Gun Law
Big Boys- Wise Up
Minor Threat- Guilty Of Being White
Plasmatics- Dream Lover

Anti-Heros- The Anti Heroes Are Here
Cro Mags-Hard Times
Stiff Little Fingers- Tin Soldiers
Vibrators- No Heart
Cock Sparrer- Watch Your Back
Misfits- Vampira

The Damned-New Rose
The Oppressed- Skinhead Girl
Descendents- Good Good Things
Bad Brains- At The Movies
Leatherface- How Lonely
Void- War Hero
The Weirdos-Hit Man
The Business- Dayo

GBH-Needle In Haystack
Youth Brigade- Live Life
Zero Boys- Drive In
The Restraints- I Cannot Be A Nun
Adolescents- I Hate Children
Crass-Punk Is Dead

Black Flag- Gimme Gimme Gimme
Operation Ivy- Room Without A Window
Ramones-Beat On The Brat
Posinon Idea- Self Abuse
Slapshot- Ive Had Enough
The Ruts-Babylons Burning

Samhian- All Murder All Guts All Fun
Sex Pistols-EMI
SSD-Boiling Point
The Stooges- Down On The Street
Vice Squad- Youll Never Walk Alone
The Clash-Career Opportunities
7 Seconds-99 Red Balloons
MDC-Corporate Deathburger

Friday, March 4, 2011

"I Dont Care" Setlist 3/4/11

Bad Brains- Big Take Over
Anti-Pasti- City Below
Leatherface- In the Real World
Black Flag- No Values
Samhain- In My Grip
Stimulators- Run, Run, Run
Operation Ivy- Hoboken

Cause For Alarm-United Races
Slapshot-You've Lost It
Dead Kennedys- The Great Wall
The Clash- Remote Control
Seizure- Guns For Everyone
Boys- I Dont Care
Descendents- Sour Grapes

Beef People- Kicked Out
Youth Brigade-Blown Away
Gorilla Biscuits- Forgotten
Zero Boys- Splish Splash
Mutants-New Drug
Agression- Intense Energy
Exploited- Out Of Control

45 Grave- Partytime
The Ruts- Lobotomy
X Ray Specs- Party
Wire- 106 Beats That
MDC- Spanish Castle Magic
Fear- Camarillo
TSOL- Dance With Me
Cro Mags- Pressure Drop
Broken Bones- I O U Nothing
7 Seconds- I Have A dream
Channel 3-All Of My Dreams

Dead Boys- Aint Nothing To Do
LockJaw-Cut Up
DYS-Open Up
Agonsitic Front- Remind Them
Fix- Signal
Restraints- Just A Boy

Addicts- Ode To Joy
Anti- Nowhere League- Rocker
Adolescents- Richard Hung Himself
Bad Religion- Slaves
DDT- Where Do I Fit In
Anti Hero- The Bomb
Articles Of Faith- Bad Attitude
MDC- Corporate Deathburger

Friday, February 18, 2011

Setlist 2/18/11

Riot Squad- Friday Night Hero
Restraints- A Bit Too Much
Black Flag- Black Coffee
Social Distortion- The Creeps
Anti-I'm Going Insane
Funeral Oration-Anyone Can Tell
Descendent's- Christmas Vacation

Stimulators- Loud Fast Rules
Stiff Little Fingers- Suspect Device
Cause For Alarm-Homeless
Blitz-I Dont Need You
Negative Fx-Mind Control
Youth Brigade- Fight To Unite
Slapshot- No Guts No Glory

Boys- Terminal Love
Adolescents- Rip It Up
Rocket From The Tombs-Never Gonna Kill Myself Again
Sheer Terror-Rome Song
Trip 6-Sands Of Time
DRI- Reaganomics
Vice Squad- Teenage Rampage
The Weirdos- Teenage

Beef People-Move It
Seizure- Slaughterhouse
Johnny Thunders- Born To Loose
TSOL- Sounds Of Laughter
Broken Bones- Decapitated
Agent Orange- Too Young To Die

Cro-Mags- Hard Times
7 Seconds-Aggro
Anti Pasti- Call The Army (Im Alive)
Leatherface- New York State
45 Grave- Anti Anti Anti
The Business- Dayo
Bad Brains- The Meek
The Oppressed- Skinhead Girl

Big Boys- Fun Fun Fun
Cock Sparrer-Working
Fix- In This Town
Die Kreuzen- Get Em
Conflict-Meat Means Murder
Gorilla Biscuits-Competition
The Clash- White Riot
Descendents- Im Not A Punk

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Special "I Dont Care" 2/11/14

UK Subs-Warhead
TSOL- The Triangle
Vice Squad- The Pledge
Adolescents- Creatures
Subhumans- Big Bothers

The Ruts- Jah War
Cock Sparrer- England Belongs To Me
Crass- Punk Is Dead
Johnny Thunders- Let Go
Scared Straight- Thinking Straight
The Stooges- Down On The Street

Leatherface- Eat Her Face
Rich Kids-Bullet Proof Lover
Zero Boys-She Said Goodbye
Aggression- Drunk On Your Love
Poison Idea-Romantic Self Destruction
Mutants- War Against Girls

Wire- A Feeling Called Love
Shelter- Hated To Love
X-Ray Specs-Obsessed With You
Dickies- She
Bad Brains- Stay Close To Me
All- Shes My Ex
Ether Dogs-Dead Girlfriend

The Damned- Love Song
Screeching Weasel- The Girl Next Door
The Clash- Janie Jones
The Cramps- Love Me
Black Flag- Im The One
Vice Squad-Latex Love
DDT- Men Are Mortal

Addicts- Love Sucks
The Restraints- A Bit Too Much
Dead Boys- Flame Thrower Love
Descendent's-Silly Girl
Flipper- Sex Bomb
The Exploited- Sex And Violence
Fuck Love

Friday, February 4, 2011

Setlist 1/4/11

Riot Squad- Into The Future
The Plasmatics- Butcher Baby
Agonist Front- Toxic Shock
Agent Orange- Too Young To Die
Angry Samoans- Lights Out

The Cramps-I Was A Teenage Werewolf
Dead Boys- Son Of Sam
TSOL- Funeral March
Leatherface- Eat Her Face

Stiff Little Fingers-Nobodys Hero
Zero Boys- She Said Goodbye
The Ruts- Babylons Burning

The Adolescents- I Hate Children
Gorilla Biscuits- Cats And Dogs
Vice Squad-Black Sheep
Rich Kids- Ghosts Of Princes In Towers
The Weirdos- Destroy all Music
4 Skins- Yesterdays Heros
45 Grave- Black Cross
Confict- King And Punks

Neon Christ- Neon Christ
Anti Nowhere League- Woman
DRI- Snap
Aggression-Never Alone
7 Seconds- This is the Angry Part 2
The Oppressed- Bad Man
Adam And The Ants- Beat My Guest

Naked Raygun- Soldiers Requiem
Big Boys- TV
Black Flag- TV Party

The Restraints- I Cannot Be A Nun
The Business- National Insurance Blacklist
Poison Idea- Short Fuse
Johnny Thunders-One Track Mind
Fix- Vengeance

76% Uncertain- Sidewalk Bombs
GBH-Pass The Axe
Pointed Sticks- Out Of Luck
Vibrators- No Heart
999- Boys In The Gang

Friday, January 28, 2011

"I Dont Care" Setlist 1/28/11

The Adolescents- Amoeba
Dead Boys- What Is Love
The Clash- White Riot
Fear- We Got To Get Out Of This Place

Big Boys- Fun,Fun,Fun
Gang Green- Skate To Hell
ISM- Auto Theft In New York City
GBH- Needle In A Haystack

The Busniess- Drinkin N Drivin
Fix- Famous
DRI- Money Stinks
Pointed Sticks- I'm Numb
Wire- Ex-Lion Tamer

The Damned- New Rose
Black Flag-Loose Nut
Channel 3- Indian Summer
Bad Religion- Pitty
Offbeats- In A Rush
MDC- Corporate Death Burger

Vice Squad- Belson Was A Gas
Bad Brains-Banned In D.C
Flipper- In Life, My Friends
Shelter- Killer Of My Dreams
Offenders-Get Mad
Adam And The Ants- Stand And Deliver

Anti-Pasti- Last Call
Husker Du- Plans I Make
DYS- The Loner
TSOL- She'll Be Saying
Mutants- New Drug

Articles Of Faith- Bad Attitude
Angry Samoans- Im A Pig
Moving Targets- Car Crash
Youth Brigade- Spies For Life